~ Make It Easy ~ [Not So Green Pasta Salad]

Yesterday I stumbled into a nice article about radish in TheKitchn. My first experience with radish was not very pleasant. They were served raw in a salad, and I was not prepared to taste such a peppery flavour. But last night was my turning point. They suggested roasted radish in exchange of another common vegetable for roasting as brussels sprouts or . I got really excited about this idea and ended up falling asleep only at 4:30 in the morning.

My first step of roasting radish was to make a mixture of:

– 1 tbs of olive oil

– 1 clove garlic

– splash of rice vinegar

– salt and pepper

Use this mixture to rub the halved radish evenly and roast them in 200 degree Celsius for 15 minutes.

After roasted, the sharpness of the radish will be very mellowed down and they will be nicely softened up while still maintaining the crunchy texture, thus very refreshing.


Upper picture: goat cheese 55+ and fusilli. Bottom picture: roasted radish. Some people like it a little brown on the surface, but I find mine perfectly crunchy for my taste.


I was really in need of something light, low in calories, and could be made in less than 30 minutes dinner so I decided on a pasta salad. I have fusilli ready in my cupboard, so that would be a perfect plan. Another option for pasta would be penne.

The highlights of this pasta salad are the roasted radish, goat cheese, and smoked fish. I used smoked haring, but there were so many small bones in it. If you don’t mind small bones (like me) this fish is a good option (cheap, easy to find). But if you think small bones are unacceptable then you can go for smoked mackerel, for instance. Under the name of convenience, I shredded the fish meat and goat cheese by hand. It also gave the rustic feeling to the salad, though.. (excuse, excuse)

To give more texture and nutrition, I added green olives into the salad. This was not really necessary and easily replaced with any ingredients of your choice.

Finally, give a little toss to your pasta salad, and it’s ready to serve!


A bowl of unusual pink-green salad. A nice change from the routine of rocket (rucola) filled pasta salad. The green olives were stuffed with cheese. I bought it from a random shop in Groningen because it was only 50 cent per jar and I thought it would be a nice evening snack. Apparently they are nice in a salad too 🙂

Because last weekend I had too many big portion dinner, I opted for a smaller serving:


Too little?


I really hope that I won’t get too hungry tonight. Or maybe I will just go to sleep early before my belly realize that it’s already too empty for my standard. Yeas, I think I will do that. Read some pages of Trans Atlantic then go to sleep. No late night Netflix.

In the next entry, I will tell you more about myself, answer questions, and make a short list of blogs that I find deserving more followers (or casual visitors at the least). This is part of The Liebster Award and I would like to thank Alicja (check out her awesome running blog here) for nominating me. Keep on running, girl!







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