~ A Cure For The Gloomy Winter Mood ~ [Korean BBQ simple version]

When was the last time you feel happy? Not just okay.. but the real happy feeling. Lately whenever people ask me about how am I feeling, I always reply with ‘I’m okay’. Well, this is NOT OKAY to feel like this all the time (at least for me). I need a mood booster.

Just like that, it was just aired on Dutch news that a guy was hijacking a TV station during a peak airtime and tried to ‘send a message’ to people. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) he was arrested before he managed to say anything. It would be interesting to know what he’s going to say. But watching the whole arresting scene was different enough to make my day. You don’t get to watch thing like this everyday. It was surreal. It feels like you’re watching a real action NCIS or Die Hard. Anyway, because this is Netherlands, don’t expect anything gore or bloody or a bullet rain. Policemen entered the studio then the guy surrendered directly. No anarchy whatsoever. Sometimes I think that Dutch people are just the European version of Canadian. They are very relax and soothing. Or like a Brontosaurus: big, but nice and friendly.

Oh, it’s snowing in Den Haag. Not fair. I want snow too.

Aside from the sudden event in Den Haag, I decided to actually do something to lighten up the gloomy winter mood. With the help of Korean cabbage pickles (Kimchi) and Japanese sesame-lemon sauce (Goma), a very simple Korean BBQ was successfully held in my tiny living room. The other supporting actors of this BBQ are thinly sliced beef, enoki mushroom, steamed white rice, carrot, and brussel sprouts. The beef was seasoned with salt and pepper before putting on the grill, while the carrot and brussel sprouts was boiled in salt water until softened (not too soft, though.. always leave a bit of crunch, colours and vitamins on your vegetables).


The little heavenly delicious bastards. I’m lucky that there’s a big Asian supermarket here in Groningen. Only thing is they are not cheap so I have to enjoy every bite with maximal pleasure.



This is how they look like: on the left is the Goma sauce and on the right is kimchi.

How I eat: it took time until my grill pan get hot, so I enjoyed steamed white rice with kimchi first. The refreshing sour taste of kimchi is a really good pair for the sweetness from white rice. I also prepared boiled vegetables beforehand, so I ate them (they have naturally sweet-bitter flavour!) between rice and meat. After my meat was ready, I simply dip it into Goma sauce. The sauce has a combination of sour and sweet taste so it goes well with the juicy piece of meat. Lastly was the enoki mushroom. Honestly I wasn’t really sure about how to handle this delicate vegetables. I planned to stir fry them slightly in sesame oil, but in the end I just grilled them on the meat juice. It turned out delicious.


The set up of my BBQ dinner. My table was small (it was also a painting table) so I put the condiment bottles somewhere else (well..on the carpet >.<)


In the end, after haunting my dream for 2 days in a row, finally a relatively successful Korean BBQ dinner was done. No more drooling over kimchi before sleep. Even if I get the kimchi-lust again, there’s still some kimchi left in my refrigerator so I can make kimchi omelette or kimchi fried rice or even something as lazy as white rice with kimchi (yes, I also still have some leftover rice in my fridge). Happy!

Now if you ask me again about how am I feeling I would be like: I’m great, thank you. And you? ^^







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