~ Birthday Treat ~ [Leek Soup with Tilapia]

How will this world look like tomorrow?

I turned 27 yesterday (I should change the bio part of this blog). There are so many birthday wishes that I received on my Facebook and my private line, and I’m very grateful for that (thanks, people!). The thing is I really don’t feel any different between the 26 years old and the 27 years old me. Only maybe…. I’ve got a new pimple on my chin this morning.

However, what I noticed on my birthday evening was that the sky was really clear and I could see plenty of stars. It was raining almost all the time this past 2 weeks, and by some luck the sky cleared up just like that at a perfect time. I remember there was this one star that was significantly brighter than the rest and it blinked continuously. I should have recite my wishes, but I’m still not sure about what I really wish for. World peace, maybe? Or some common sense for a lot of people.

And today the sky is once again cleared up. Honestly I’m still in bed and trying to get myself walk to the market now, but the view from my bed is quite enjoyable to say the least. Maybe I’ll sit here and read a few more pages of 1Q84. Groceries can wait.


The view from my bed. Look at the clear blue sky! A rare sight in Netherlands at this time of the year (at least for this year)

For dinner tonight I actually want to make something thick and filling. I’m thinking about Ketupat Sayur, a traditional Indonesian dish. But there’s also this bean salad that has been on my mind for quite a while. I wonder which one is nicer for a day like this.. maybe I’ll do the Indonesian dish next time when it’s a rainy day again.

Speaking of rainy day, I always think that warm soup is the best food you can eat while listening to the rain drops. So as my thank you gesture for all of you who send me very thoughtful wishes on my birthday, this recipe is for you 😉

Leek soup with tilapia


– 1 leek

– 1 medium size onion

– 275 gr tilapia fillet

– butter

– cooking cream

– fish sauce

– ground chilli

– salt and pepper

– spring onion (for garnish)

How to cook:

Slice leek (after you wash it thoroughly) and onion into more or less 1 cm thick slices. You don’t have to worry very much about the thickness because in the end we will blend the soup.

Slice tilapia fish into around 2 cm thick slices. If you can’t find tilapia, feel free to choose other white fish.

Heat up the pan. Melt 2 tbs butter and add onion. Make sure the butter doesn’t burn (keep the fire low while melting the butter) and stir until onion soften up. Add sliced leek into the pan and mix everything together until coated evenly with butter.

Add 500 ml of water and 1 tbs fish sauce.

Boil the soup until vegetables are soft enough to be blended and take the pan off the fire. At this point I used hand blender and doesn’t make everything smooth. I keep the soup with a little vegetable chunks for nice texture.

Put the pan back on the stove, put the sliced fish into the soup.

Cook the soup until the fish just cooked. Don’t overcook it because then the meat will fall apart. Add 2-3 tbs of cooking cream. Season with salt, pepper, and chilli flakes (if you like it a little spicy).

Garnish the soup with spring onion slices and a splash of cooking cream. Serve while its hot.


Too bad I don’t have bread!

*Having a freshly baked bread to dipped in to this soup is a terrific idea. So please try to have some bread to go along with it.

See you next time and have a beautiful weekend, people!




3 thoughts on “~ Birthday Treat ~ [Leek Soup with Tilapia]

  1. Happy birthday once again!
    How do you like 1Q84? I enjoyed these books a lot, but I like Murakami and his style in general.
    For the soup, it looks very similar to the leek&fish soup I make. The biggest difference is that I add smoked salmon and teeny tiny shrimps instead of tilapia, and I add one big cooked potato per person to the soup. After blending, the potatoes give it a nice and creamy consistency, and the smoked salmon really goes well with it. But I will try it out with tilapia, too!

    • Yeah I noticed that most leek soup have potato in it. Mine was made in a day which I had a 2 days old leek (which made me a little uneasy, I don’t want to waste food :p) and no potato.
      Did you use the holland’s shrimp? I think that’s a good idea. They have that subtle saltiness, right?

      1Q84 is really good! I’m still halfway and every time I try to close the book there’s always something interesting thing about to happen.

      • I use the small tiny shrimps, I am not sure if they are the Holland Shrimp, but that’s quite possible. I am normally not a fan of shrimps, mostly due to their texture – but they fit really well here, and the small ones are just right. The shrimps are salty, and so is smoked salmon, so I don’t add any other salt to the soup when I use them.

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