~My Little Painting Gallery pt.1~


Either I’m funny or the world’s funny, I don’t know which. The bottle and lid don’t fit. It could be the bottle’s fault or the lid’s fault. In either case, there’s no denying that the fit is bad.

-Murakami, 1Q84

This quote from 1Q84 by Murakami took me by heart right after I read it. As a person, most of the times I feel separated from ‘normal’ people. But hey.. what is normal. Everybody is different. Normal is just a word to call something that are adopted by most. But still sometimes it bother me that people judge a person just because he/she is (a little) different. Take an example: I don’t want to have kids (yet..or ever). I swear to you every time this subject appears in a discussion there will be people being upset at my decision. I need a place where there’s no judgment and I can be myself.

Apparently moving brushes against canvas or paper has some kind of therapeutic effect on me. It relaxes me. I could be irrationally cruel/happy/sad/lonely/crazy in my painting. It really feels liberating.

Below are some paintings that I made since last year. I started with cotton canvas, and now moving on to paper. I find working with paper is easier as it has really smooth surface so I can move the brushes in finer movement. But on the side, canvas gives different structure on the painting, which I really like. I think for now I will stick on paper.


-Joyous Resurrection- Death is not always a bad thing. If you see it as an event where we become one with our fellow particle of the universe then it could be one of the happiest moment in your life.




-Volcano- Angry nature is beautiful. It just is.



-One Afternoon in Autumn-



-Hello/Goodbye Bunny- Is it a meeting? Is it a farewell? You decide.



-I Want To Play- My lovely Spoes is one indecisive cat. Sometimes he looks like he wants to be outside, but when I open the door for him, he just stand there by the door. And when I let him stay he will just stare outside the window and look mellow.



-Ikuta Erina- Morning Musume 9th generation member. This picture is part of the J-Melo Girl’s Project.



-Draw Me Like Your French Cat- An impressionist painting of Spoes. One may ask ‘why curve instead of curves’. It’s because he has only one curve like a ball.



-Early Tulips- I was pretty sure that I wanted to paint tulips. But if you look at it deeper it’s more than just a bunch of pink flowers. Pretty much like life, isn’t it?



-Hold My Hand and Take Me Away- ..to somewhere far far away



-Burning City-



-Journey to the West- Maybe I’ll go hiking someday.

I hope you like the paintings as much as I do. I’m still trying to find out how to use variety of surfaces and medium to be used on my painting. Maybe someday it can be the center of my life. Who knows, right?





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