~New Year, New Life~

Only hope keeps a man alive.

If I would make a curve from 2014, it would be a U-shaped curve. It started okay in the beginning, then dropped considerably in the middle. However, some things are getting better during the end of the year.. or maybe I just get used to all of the annoyance.

The thing is, only during hard time you can really see who and/or what is really important in your life. Sometimes life can be very crowded with unnecessary drama, people, nonsense that clog your mind, and those are usually disappear gradually during a hard time. People who are toxic or not really care about you will leave, crazy unimportant issues will look no longer worth your attention. Your eyes will see way clearer and you will have simpler judgement than ever.

In accordance to that, to start 2015 I will start with being thankful for some simple things such as:

1. My loving boyfriend who always always always be the place to come home. No matter how crappy I felt and how selfish I behaved.

2. Spoes. Thank you for being cute and fluffy. I don’t care if you eat a can full of wet food every day and still nag about snack. You are my beautiful little olliebol.

3. My cozy room. Nicely located next to a park, big kitchen, roof, and a working toilet. You can’t go wrong with that.

4. I found a hobby (which are writing and painting). Finally my best friend can relax now and stop telling me to find a hobby.

5. Berryz Kobo concert in Paris. I was a fan since 2006 or 2007 (it’s been a long time ago, I forgot) and finally I managed to watched them live. I’m so beyond happy!

6. Successful diet. I went from 58 kg (in January 2014) to 52 kg (in June 2014).

7. First published scientific article in ACS Biotechnology: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/sb5000252

8. First painting appeared in J-Melo website.

Eripon J-Melo


This is a painting of Ikuta Erina, the member of a japanese idol group, Morning Musume. I submitted this picture as part of J-Melo program Girl’s World where girls from all over the world can show their support for Morning Musume via their painting/drawing. It’s not a competition or something.. but still having my noob painting on their website makes me really excited.


9. Loving friends who whine, dine, and dance together with me.

10. The ability to feel more thankful for what I have already got.


In the end, I decided my resolution for this very year today, on the first Monday of 2015. I want to be healthier and happier than ever. This year I will be 27 years old, and I have a feeling that it will be a good one. The thing that I have to remember is that life will always be hard, so I have to push harder up than life push me down.

Happy (great) new year, everyone!



P.S. I think this is a proper motivational picture to end this entry.. so here we go! (I love Snoopy too..)




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