~ Read More, Write More ~ [Oat Cookies]

It was only 3 weeks ago that I found out that there is this such thing called National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I wonder why they still use ‘national’ word while actually this movement is growing big and attract so many participants all around the world.


Their workshop module. With tulips and stuff. Exciting! More information about their programs and workshop schedules can be found here: http://nanowrimo.org/

But anyway, last weekend I decided to attend their kick off program in Amsterdam and see if it’s anything for me. The program was designed as a mini workshop with a brief explanation about the idea behind NaNoWriMo and some tips on how to keep writing and be productive until you can (hopefully) finish writing a novel within a month. The most interesting part of this workshop was that we had to use the Free Writing technique while the trainer gave us a prompt. Free writing technique is basically a situation where we have to keep our hand moving (to write..of course) no matter what. No over think about your idea/grammatical errors/whatever. Just. Write.

A prompt that she gave us was “There’s this thing I’d like you to read. It goes something like this…” and we had to write anything to extend this prompt within 30 seconds. And this is what I had:

There’s this thing I’d like you to read. It goes something like this:

January 16th, 1988

My daughter was born this afternoon in an unusual manner. She popped out my vagina while we were shopping for groceries. She fell on the floor, just in front of the meat aisle.

Ask me why did I wrote that. It was a crazy thing to write and I didn’t even have time to rethink about my decision to write that in the middle of a public workshop. Thank you, free writing.

All in all, it was a fun workshop and they served unlimited tea with cookies.

Talking about cookies, few weeks ago I was really craving for sugar and got really bored at home so I browsed the internet and looked for an easy recipe for cookies. Because I’m a sucker for chewy cookies, this very easy to follow recipe from allrecipes.com suit me well: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/soft-oatmeal-cookies/

There are of course few things I changed from the original recipe. The most prominent is that I cut the sugar content from 100 g white sugar + 110 g brown sugar (for 12 servings) to only 180 g of white sugar. I also skipped the ‘sugar fork’ step as I felt like this recipe already contain almost too much sugar in it. Last but not least, I baked my cookies for 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes as suggested by the recipe.

End product will look like this:


The pale cookies on the right hand side are the result of 10 minutes baking time as suggested in the recipe. Maybe it was my oven (it’s small and I don’t know how accurate the temperature is), but when I baked the other batch for 15 minutes they turned out better: brown and slightly crunchy on the edge.

After few times baking trial for various recipes, now I decided that around midnight is the best time to bake cookies and bread. They will need cooling time after being taken out from the oven, so we (I) can leave them stand peacefully on the cooling tray overnight and they will be ready for grab-on breakfast (or slow breakfast with tea/coffee) on the next morning. Brilliant!





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