~Panic Cooking~ [Meat and Roasted Veggies]

The hardest part of stop doing a good habit is to start doing it again.

The holiday is over and now is the time to survive failed cooking attempts and dirty dishes again.

So last Monday I was really craving for meat but couldn’t decide which recipe I that should try for dinner. After getting few suggestions from people (I even got a Quiche as one idea), I decided to head to supermarket and made my decision right in front of the meat isle. One thing I knew for sure was that I definitely would roast some vegetables.

My choice of vegetables: mushroom, cherry tomato, potato, red onion, and rucola.

My choice of meat: ground beef marinated with paprika, thyme, salt etc. Not sure what exactly the marinated ingredients were. It was a ready to cook piece of meat (I apologize for my laziness).

The panic moment started right after I entered my kitchen. Three weeks absent from my kitchen made me forgot so many important things such as: do I even have garlic, where did I put this knife, how much salt should I put in my roasted vegetables??

I was really glad that for the roasted vegetables I only had to cut everything (except the rucola) in chunks (no bleeding finger this time, fortunately) and scattered them on a roasting pan after rubbing them with olive oil, garlic mustard, salt and pepper. I also added 2 leaves of rosemary. The method was super lazy easy that I just could simply popped everything into the oven for 25 minutes 180 degree Celsius.

For the meat, I pan-seared it with lots of butter for 4 minutes each side. Not to forget to bast and rest it before slicing, otherwise the meat will go dry as the juice not evenly distributed after the cooking process.

Last but not least fresh rucola salad with white truffle dressing (I was surprised that I still have this dressing in my fridge!) to complete the dish.



The result of my panic cooking. It accidentally looks (and taste) pretty good! 😀 My favourite part of this dish is the sweetness from red onions and tomatoes, combined with the buttery taste from the meat. Don’t worry about the amount of vegetables that you want to use, just make sure that you arrange everything into a single layer before roasting to make sure it will cook evenly.


If I could turn back time and fix this dishes, these are the things that I would do:

– Be generous on the salt for the roasted vegetables. I was a little insecure about the amount of salt and pepper that I was going to put into this dish. Ended up the vegetables were a little to bland for my liking. Next time be brave!

– Longer roasting time. I would like to have a little bit more roast mark on my potato. So maybe 10 minutes longer in the oven?

– Check if I actually have garlic in my kitchen cabinet before head to the supermarket. No garlic = disaster. I was lucky that I had some garlic mustard (3 tsp was good enough) left at home.

I’m pretty bad at closing an entry so I will just wish you the best in the kitchen, and don’t forget to have fun (a bit of panic is fine too!). See you again! 😉






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