~ Simple Happiness ~ [Butter rice with roasted chicken]

What are the best things could happen in a Sunday morning? Rain, milk tea and a warm blanket.


As much as I’m trying to be a mature lady, I realized that I’m (sometimes) still a little child who get affected by little things. I wonder how some people can be very calm and mature (boyfriend, I’m looking at you!) considering there are so many things to react to. Below I will list my annoyed moments that I had this week.

List of my sources of annoyance this week:

– Went to the bank at 16:20 and found out that it was closed at 16:00 (Saturday)

– My jeans smelled like fried shallots from being in the same suitcase compartment for 24 hours flight (Wednesday)

– Tried to find a British Glamour but van der Velde was no longer selling it (Saturday)

– Hungry, was craving for Snickers, and found only its empty containers in the cupboard (Sunday)

– No fresh flowers at home (Tuesday – Friday)

– My indecisiveness (always)

As the old saying goes: “There will always be a pot of gold in the end of the rainbow” (or something like that..), there are also small things that made me super happy this week, such as:

– Nasi rendang for breakfast (Friday)

– Trying to write a blog entry with a recipe (now!)

– Nice rainy days in Groningen (like almost all the time)

– Met interesting new people in the plane during my flights from and to Amsterdam (3 weeks ago and Tuesday)

– Filled my room with fresh flowers (Saturday)

– Chilled with Ilse (I’ve missed her!) (Thursday)

– A best friend in Indonesia almost get a boyfriend (you’re sooo close… go for it!)

– Went high tea with boyfriend (Saturday)

– Cuddled with Spoes again (Tuesday)

etc. etc…


When I look at this list again, I realized that my life is awesome and that happiness can come from such simple things. Before I went to Netherlands, I wouldn’t know that having fresh flowers in the room could improve my mood by tons. Or that a rainy 18 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for me to live. As I’m growing older I’m hoping that I can mature up so I can ignore the small annoying things without making it get in my nerve too much.

And now while I’m in a good mood, it’s a recipe time!

Butter rice with simple roasted chicken


– rice

– 2 cloves of garlic.

– a handful of spinach

– sliced tomatoes

– chicken breast

– butter

– salt and pepper

– lemon to serve (optional)

How to cook:

Cook the rice according to the instruction on its package.

While waiting for the rice to cooked, thinly slice the garlic and tomatoes.We can also start preparing the chicken breast at this point. Bring it to the room temperature, slice it horizontally in the middle part (it will form a nice heart shape) and rub it with salt and pepper.

When rice is ready, heat up a pan and throw in a knob of butter. After the butter melted, garlic slices can go into the pan. Stir fry until fragrance.

Mix in the rice (make it 2 portions) and tomatoes. Lightly stir everything until the butter is well-distributed without squashing the tomatoes too much. Add spinach in the last moment. Taste with salt and pepper (good amount of pepper will do ;))

To cook the chicken I melted a knob of butter in a pan then simply cooked the chicken in it. Keep the fire in medium so the surface doesn’t get burnt before the inner side cooked through. Raw chicken meat is disgusting and dangerous!



Ready to be served! The point of this dish is the heart-shaped chicken breast. If it doesn’t show enough love I don’t know what does. The combination of savory taste from butter and the juiciness from chicken meat is the best! The addition of lemon juice in the end will give a hint of freshness in this dish.

To end this entry, I want you to count how many times I used the word ‘simple’ in this post 😉 Have fun counting and cooking!







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