~ Journey with a Mission~ part 1: Jakarta

Day 0. Starting weight: 51 kg. 

Long time no see! Do you miss me? There were so many things happened during last couple of weeks so it was hard for me to keep track of our beloved Katenuil. From flea attack in my studio (poor Spoes and my legs) to my flight to my homeland: Indonesia! 

In this series of “Journey with a Mission” I will tell you all about the foods I taste during my vacation in Indonesia. It will not only contain Indonesian foods, but also Japanese/Korean/whatever random dishes I find interesting at the time. I apologize for the lack of own recipes on this series, but who want to cook by ourselves when there’s a professional chef mother living under the same roof as you? 😉 

Let’s get the journey started!

After a long flight from Schipol (it took more or less 18,5 hours trip including the transit in Abu Dhabi)), I finally reached my parents’ house in Bekasi. Bekasi is a satelite city of Jakarta, so to make things less complicated (I travel back and forth between Bekasi and Jakarta) let’s just generalize the location into Jakarta. 

Day 0: Arrived at home at 2 A.M. in the morning. Welcomed by oxtail soup and siomay (a kind of fish cakes, served with spicy peanut sauce and soy sauce). And yes, I did ate all of these foods at 2 A.M. in the morning then went to sleep directly after eating. Not sure what my stomach think about this… 

Day 1: Woke up at 9 A.M., then start eating the typical dishes from Padang, West Sumatra. They have a famous way to serve their dishes. The dishes will be served directly on your table without you having to order. After everything is served, you can just pick your favourite and eat whatever you want from the whole selection. In the end of the meal, the waiter will come to your table and put price on the foods that you have eaten.


Some examples of Padang dishes that we bought home: traditional fried chicken called Ayam Pop, casava leaves as the salad, jack fruit curry, fish curry, and spicy mackerel.

When I was little I was against eating Ayam Pop because it looks naked and pale like a raw chicken. Apparently since I grow older (and wiser..) I learn to eat it and now I’m a fan of it. The chicken was cooked in fragrant broth containing a lot of herbs, then being deep friend very quickly only to give texture on the skin. So don’t be fooled by it’s exterior, this chicken is a must try when you experience Indonesian foods.

Another highlight of this day is the street snack from North Sumatra called Cakwe. I think this snack is a product of culture assimilation between Indonesian and Chinese people who live in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra. Cakwe looks like long donuts and served with sweet and sour chili sauce.   

2014-07-27-04-40-37_decoLong savory donuts with chili sauce dipping. One word: Addictive. I ate 6 of it in one sitting.

Day 2: Today is only one day before the Ied festival, a Moslem celebration for finishing the fasting month. As usual my mother cooked a whole lot of dishes: goat curry, shrimp and liver curry, chicken white curry, young bamboo stick curry, Rendang, and the must-served rice cake Ketupat.

I will not show you the whole dishes yet, because the celebration will only start tomorrow. But as a drool teaser I’ll show you the picture of the curry dishes that I had for dinner just now 😉

2014-07-27-19-50-21_decoThis is a typical dish that is served during the Ied festival. Tonight I had rice cake, topped with goat curry, bamboo curry, and shrimps. How much calories for this one (almost) complete serving? I don’t even want to know… 

Now my stomach is very full and I’ll head to bed soon. See you later for the next food adventure!




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