~Beauty Lies Within~ [Okonomiyaki]

Whoever says my body is not in shape is wrong. It’s round, and round is a shape too.

Welcome to the summer again. Formally it started 3 weeks ago, but you know, the weather in Netherlands is not always goes with the schedule. Last week we had rainy days and it was quite a chilly week for a summer.

There are always good and bad sides of everthing, including summer. The good sides are including light and colourful clothes that you can finally wear, muscular guys who finally jog/workout without top (woohoo!), and the picnic in the park (more point if it includes swimming in the lake). The bad part? It’s HOT!! and there are mosquitos too. Sometimes I don’t understand people who always relate the word sunny with nice. If it’s sunny with 18-20 degree Celcius, it’s nice. But if it’s more than 25 degree Celcius it becomes a torture. But again, maybe it’s just me being someone who was raised in a tropical country and had enough sun for the first 22 years of my life.

Talking about summer clothes, it seems like the crop top is becoming a trend again this year. It’s not like I’m a person who follow fashion trend, but a crop top somehow makes me cringe at heart. Some girls really can pull it off, showing their flat stomach. And me? Forget it. I guess I will stick with my comfortable flower dresses or a boyfriend jeans with loose shirts. Having dessert is more important anyway than having the feeling that you have to suck in your belly all the time. And then again I think eating desserts makes a girl more beautiful. When you have desserts you will feel content and happy. When you are happy you will smile. What’s more beautiful than a smiling girl? A girl with a crop top? No way, Jose!

2014-07-11-21-54-58_decoLook at these beauties.. How could you not in love with them? Do you want to be as lovable as them? Eat them and take over their charm!

Have I get your attention for foods now? Yes? Great! The recipe for today is okonomiyaki. It’s basically a savoury pancake, served with sweet-sour sauce and mayonaise. There are a lot of variations for this dish, one of them is a Hiroshima okonomiyaki as shown in this video by Cooking With The Dog channel on youtube.

My version, however, is very simple and easy to make. Shall we go to the kitchen now?

Simple okonomiyaki


– 200 gr flour

– 150 gr cabbage

– 2 thinly chopped spring onions

– 5 medium size eggs

– 5 surimi (crab) sticks

– very thin sliced meat of your choice

– frying oil

For serving you will need mayonaise, Bulldog okonomiyaki sauce or ponzu sauce, and bonito flakes (katsuobushi).

How to cook:

Thinly chop cabbage and crab sticks. Throw in all the ingredients (except the meat slices) to a bowl and mix thoroughly. If you have difficulties in mixing the flour, add a splash of water to adjust the batter consistency. Season with salt and pepper.

Heat oil in a pan (1 tbs per frying). Diveide the batter into 3 portions then pour it into the pan every one another. Make sure to make it as thin as possible to help it cooked evenly (if it’s too thick then the outer part will be burnt while the inside is still raw). Arrange the meat slices on the top of the okonomiyaki. Cover the pan, and wait for 3 minutes. Flip okonomiyaki, and cover the pan for another 1.5 minutes.

Transfer the fried okonomiyaki to plates. Decorate with mayonaise and bonito flakes.

If you are using okonomiyaki sauce, pour the sauce onto the okonomiyaki together with mayonaise and bonito flakes. If you are using ponzu sauce like me, pour the sauce into a bowl, and dip your okonomiyaki bites into it while eating.

Side note:

– It took me 3 times trial and error before I managed to fry my okonomiyaki without burning the meat slices. Apparently it get browned very quickly so make sure your fire is not too high and fry it as fast as possible.

– You can find all the ‘unique’ ingredients at the Asian supermarket. If you live in Groningen, go to Amazing Oriental in Korreweg. They have quite a selection of Japanese products there.

All in all, I’m glad that I can finally finish this post. I’m very proud of the picture that I made for this recipe (as you may already noticed, I’m not good at making picture. So once I made a quite proper picture, I would feel very happy). My internet was a mess last night so I couldn’t post this entry as soon as I wanted. But it’s here now so I can enjoy my weekend without anything in mind (yay!). Have a good weekend and (if you’re trying my recipe) good luck, everyone!




Something in me just told me to put Ron Vlaar’s picture in the end of this entry, I wonder why.. 😉




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