~Event: Damn Food Waste~ [Root Vegetables]

There is no sincerer love than the love of food

-George Bernard Shaw

It was a cloudy afternoon in Groningen last Saturday when this event was held in the park. The first time I read about it on my Facebook I thought this event was a practical joke. I mean, they stated that they will serve free lunch for everybody. Free and being dutch are the two things that are very less likely to be in the same sentence, unless it’s a negation like ‘Dutch will never give away free stuff’.

But I was wrong (again! I really should stop assuming things). They literally served free lunch for people. The idea of this movement is to minimise food waste. Not completely a new idea, but the fact that they actually do something to promote it is very inspiring.

In this event, the foods were made from the vegetables and fruits that were saved from being thrown away. As a student I am really familiar with eating stuffs that are close to the expiry date (sometimes event past the date) or slightly dried vegetables and feel okay about it. But I believe so many people will easily throw away carrots that have a slight dry spot on its corner or cauliflowers that look dry on few florets. This, people, needs to be stopped. And by doing an anti food waste tour like this, Damn Food Waste has shown us that we could still produce healthy and tasty dishes from the underrated ingredients (see the vegetable soup picture on the gallery – it was delicious!).

Not only vegetables, at some tents they also showcase foods that were made from uncommon ingredients as their main composition. Have you ever thought of eating bugs? You can try it here. I wouldn’t do it, though… But maybe I should try it in the future just in case I need to survive in the wild (think about the Dutch tourist who got lost in the forest and was found dead because she didn’t know the survival tricks).


After my belly fully filled from the free lunch, they didn’t let me go home empty-handed. There I could grabbed a bag of (already sliced -yay!) root vegetables and breads. Talk about doing good cause for students.

For more information about Damn Food Waste visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DamnFoodWaste or follow them on Twitter: @DamnFoodWaste.

Unfortunately I have no original recipe this time, but I found a vegetable stew recipe that you can easily make from root vegetables: http://www.food.com/recipe/hearty-vegetable-stew-123428?mode=us&scaleto=4.0&st=true. Stew is always nice to cook because it basically can cook itself on the stove after you put everything in a large pot, and it’s also very versatile that you can add any ingredients you like and make it more personalised.

Another way to eat root vegetables if you don’t feel like eating stew in the summer is that you can simply drizzle the boiled vegetables with olive oil, add crushed garlic cloves and salt, then roast it in the oven for 15 minutes 180 degree Celsius. It would served as a good side for your main protein like fish or steak.

Any more suggestions on how to cook root vegetables in the summer? Please leave a comment in the box below or hit me on my twitter @nisamonchu! See you next time~









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