~Quickie~ [Lemon/Rosemary Roasted Chicken]

I’m writing this entry while watching Football game Netherlands VS Chile. Apart from that I’m also busy cheering for my beloved Aussie team. Pardon for all the typos (if any)


Disclaimer: This recipe is full of deliciousness, therefore comes with a lot of calories. Nothing for you here, dieting people.

Lemon/rosemary roasted chicken


– 2 knobs unsalted butter

– 3 stems of rosemary

– 2 or 3 shallots (depends on the size of your shallots)

– Half lemon

– 2 chicken breasts – give generous amount of salt and pepper on both side

How to cook:

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Cut the shallots into big chunks. We don’t need thinly sliced shallots here, so this recipe is definitely for impatient people like me.

Heat the pan then throw in the butter. Wait until the butter bubbles (it means it’s hot and ready now (yeah..I know what you are thinking there)). Brown both sides of the chicken.

Throw in the shallots while browning the last side of the chicken, give it a little stir so everything coated in butter. Add the rosemary into the butter at this point. Simmer a little (1-2 minutes), then squeeze in the half lemon.

If by any fortune you own a big oven, you can just take out the pan from the stove, add some extra butter, then pop it into the preheated oven.

But if you are a normal student like me, put the chicken breasts into the baking dish then pour in the butter mixture (including our beautiful shallots and rosemary). Add few more butter on top of the chicken to keep the moisture and add juiciness to the chicken meat. Roast the chicken for 15 minutes in the oven.

After 15 minutes, voila!, your dinner is ready.

2014-06-23-18-05-23_deco[1] It smells wonderful and taste like heaven. The chicken meat is very tender and moist. I almost die from happiness. (usual exaggeration here.. but really, it’s super delicious)

I serve the chicken with rice. Not just a normal white rice, but I cooked the white rice with chicken stock and putting a little bit of salt. When it’s done cooking, I mixed 1 tbs (for 2 cups of rice) of sesame oil into the rice. This way the rice will taste similar to the Hainamese dish, but with way less effort. Lazy and happy. How could life gets better than this?

2014-06-23-18-01-13_deco[1]My lazy dinner for a football evening. When you get tired of fried snacks from the cafetaria, please try this one so you can try watching football like a lady 😉

My whole body smells like sesame oil and lemon now, I think I will sleep very tight tonight. Oh.. I need to get back to the football match! Hup Holland Hup!






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