~Tough Love~ [SORTED – Monkfish Rendang Curry]

If love comes easy, isn’t it makes you wonder if it’s truly?

Scrolling down my Twitter timeline (@nisamonchu) this morning, I was stumbled into a Japanese TV program called Another Sky. In this particular episode they broadcast a documentary about Indonesia, which focused in Jakarta. The female host told her personal story about her youth experience visiting Indonesia and finally met up with her long separated Indonesian and Japanese friends in Jakarta.

Watching documentaries about my country from foreigner’s point of view is very interesting for me. I get to see the beautiful side of my country which can be easily forgotten after commuting for 2×3 hours everyday in Jakarta only to go to a place 60 km away from your house. Yes, the traffic is that bad.

There is one question that people keep asking me: Do you miss Indonesia? My answer: No and yes.

No I don’t miss the traffic jam that forced me to leave my house at 5:15 every morning to get to school at 7:00. I don’t miss the heat. I don’t miss the ignorant and judgmental people whom I met in regular basis. I don’t miss the corrupted civil servants.

But hey, I miss Indonesian foods (that’s why I learn to cook it here). I miss the beautiful scenery and the warm, tropical sea. Even sometimes the vain side of me miss the shopping malls in Jakarta (oops!)

Last month I found this Indonesian TV program on YouTube called Indonesia Bagus (The Beautiful Indonesia). I was so happy that I can finally see the beauty of my country again while enjoying my toast and warm tea in my comfy studio in Netherlands. If you are interested in travelling to Indonesia, please watch their videos and book your flight ticket ASAP

This sample video will take you to a national conservation park in Lombok. It is located next to Bali. So if you already planned your trip to Bali (which sometimes more well-known than Indonesia -‘duh!), prepare some slots on your schedule to visit this beautiful island.


While I’m in a sentimental mood towards my Motherland, this time I’m going to discuss an Indonesian-inspired curry recipe from Sorted.


I knew that it couldn’t be an authentic Indonesian recipe from watching the first 20 seconds of this video. They put in squash into the curry! What on earth is a squash? I mean.. I have never seen any vegetable called squash in Indonesia, let alone putting it in a dish. As far as I know, the typical Indonesians put jackfruit or chayotes into their foods. But maybe it’s just me.. (please correct me if I’m wrong)

The recipe itself is quite intriguing for me. To mix rendang paste into the ‘fish rendang’ but then it resulted into a traditional Sumatra fish curry-looking dish? Rendang is usually cooked from beef (or egg if you are a poor student like me), so the combination between fish texture and rendang taste might be confusing for a native Indonesian tongue.

I have not tried this recipe yet since it’s almost summer here and I don’t think it’s a good choice for the season (spicy + hot weather? come on!) but I definitely will try it in 4 months from now. I’ll let you know how it taste by then 😉









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