~The Day I Proved Myself Wrong~ [Asparagus soup]

There is moral in every story

There will be no movie worse than Twilight

I have never been so wrong.

Her name is Cinta Laura Kiehl. She is an Indonesian actress, famous for her ridiculous (fake) british accent even when she talks in Indonesian language. The story began with her moving to the USA for educational purpose while pursuing her entertainment career in the so-called land of opportunity. The result? A movie called The Philosophers.

20140614_135215The ‘standard pose’ of this movie. Whatever they do, they always arrange themselves into this position I wonder why. Are they birds or something?

The general synopsis of this movie can be found in IMDB. At first I thought it would be an okay movie with light storyline and a so-so acting. But I was wrong. Not even a single aspect in this movie is relevant. Not the choice of characters, not the dialogues, not the locations, not the basic storyline. Nothing. The dialogues are dry and meaningless, let alone finding chemistry between the characters. They try to present the beauty of Indonesian landscape but in the end they destroy it with the lamest CGI I have seen in the 21st century. Then here comes the main problem: there is no moral in the story. In the end of the movie we were left thinking “what was that all about?” It was hard to get the point of the movie because it was a total nonsense.

And yes, The Philosopher is worse than Twilight series.


Anyway, enough ranting about my wasted 2 hours and let’s get to the kitchen.


Today’s dinner menu is asparagus soup and braised chicken in creamy tomato sauce. I will put the braised chicken recipe in my next entry so I will have enough material to be put regularly into this blog. I don’t think that I can cook often enough to keep this blog going with 3 entries per week (busted!)

Why asparagus? I think asparagus is in the season and the taste always reminds me of my mother. I remember that asparagus was my first ‘international’ vegetable that I had in my childhood. At that time I felt like a grown up only from eating it. When I was a kid I was not a fan of cream soup, so this recipe will be a little bit different from the usual creamy asparagus soup. The texture of this vegetable is also soft enough for me who just had her molar chipped so I can’t really eat hard foods properly (note to self: go to the dentist to get it fixed as soon as possible).

Asparagus soup

(serves 2)


– 150 gr preserved white asparagus

– 2 eggs

– 1 small onion

– 2 cloves garlic

– 100 gr shrimp

– 10 g selderij (the small celery/seledri)

– sunflower oil

How to cook:

Cut the onion into small dices, squashed the garlic cloves, nicely chopped the celery, and cut asparagus into 5 cm long pieces.

Heat up the oil in a pan, Sauté onion and garlic until fragrance. Set aside.

Bring 300 mL of water into boil then put the sautéed onion and garlic into the water. After this step the water will be calmed down so bring it to boil again before adding the other ingredients.

Add the shrimps, wait until it turn pink, then put in the asparagus. The preserved asparagus is already very soft so make sure you don’t overcook it, otherwise it will turn mushy. You don’t need more mushy thing in your life. Bring the water into boil again and wait  until the asparagus reach the perfect consistency (not so soft, but still have a little texture). This step will take around 5 minutes (yeah right, like I time it. Check it regularly, ok?)

When you think you have reach that perfectly cooked asparagus point, turn down the heat and put the broth to simmer.

Add 2 beaten eggs into the broth and stir it gently with fork/chopsticks so it will form beautiful clouds in your soup.

Adjust the taste with salt and pepper.

Finally, add the nicely chopped celery.

Miscellaneous information:

We, Indonesians, are crazy about fried shallots (bawang goreng). We put it into any foods. Sometimes we even can eat only rice sprinkled with fried shallots.


See the brown thingy on top of the soup? That’s the magical shallots that I’m talking about!

So this is my tips to enjoy the asparagus soup like a boss:

1. Sprinkle your soup with some fried shallots

2. Make sure it’s raining/cold outside (not very hard to achieve in Netherlands)

That’s it for now. Good luck in the kitchen and eet smakelijk!






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